Arbor Hills Nature Preserve: McCall Family Photos

Nov 17, 2018

Rain was in the forecast all week, and the day before our session it poured ALL DAY. We had a Plan B and thought we might need to reschedule, but it looked like Sunday morning would just be partly cloudy. We were golden. So golden in fact, that when I got to the session I didn’t even think to grab my umbrellas that have a permanent home in my car for this exact reason.

We walked into Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, found our spot, and the moment we started the session the rain started. Realizing my umbrellas were in the car, I grabbed my reflectors and popped them open. The five of us huddled underneath them waiting for the rain shower to end. It let up for a few minutes and the girls and I snuck out from underneath the reflectors and captured this sweet moment. Then the rain stopped as soon as it started and we had the most beautiful light! Gotta love how things just have a way of working out! 🙂

It had been years since Devon and Lance had any photos made, so while the girls took a break from being in front of the camera, we snuck in a few photos of the just two of them.

Thank you guys for having me be a part of your family photos this year! I had a blast with all of you and the rain shower made our time together all the more memorable. You have a beautiful family and I’m grateful to have had a part in documenting these moments!



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